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The Gospel of Non-Sense by Pastor Calvin Roberson, Married at First Sight Relationship ExpertWhat makes a person believe in the absolute best outcome when all apparent circumstances spell certain doom? A man who was born blind, plays the piano incredibly, sings and produces music. A young man tragically loses his arms in a horrific accident, yet creates masterpieces with a paintbrush between his lips. A young girl who was abused and homeless, graduates from college with honors. All these people were under devastating circumstances and they all did the same thing to survive. They didn’t give up. They believed when it didn’t make sense to believe. They had to reach beyond their senses to grasp something that was higher and greater than their circumstances. This force has been described as the indomitable human spirit. Others call it belief, trust or confidence. The Bible calls it “faith” Scripture teaches that we are to “walk by faith and not by sight.” Faith does not depend on the senses or on our surroundings.


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